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My parents were married in the late fifties in Toronto Canada.  This is what it looked like.

My mom used to say they rolled up the sidewalks at 5:00 pm in our town. If you can imagine what life was like for a young mixed race couple at that time. In fact, everyone partied in Buffalo just south of the border.

Music was large for us as a family. The music of Motown helped “us cope with us” some hope, belonging, to aspire to perhaps or just to admire the performers and emulate them in our grooves. Love songs, songs with a good beat and songs we could dance to, songs to get away from our lives, songs that related to our lives, songs that made us love the artists who performed them. This blog is a tribute to one of the greatest artists – Marvin Gaye.

My grandfather from Ireland and my grandmother from an Irish Alberta farm. My mother’s father (African American) from Kansas City, Missouri and her mother, my grandmother another mix of African American and Indigenous (most people of colour are mixed in North American due to slavery) born in Toronto origins from North Carolina, USA.

Happily, I was born in Toronto -the most multicultural city on earth. Now, everyone from around the world lives here.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    My name is Kristy Cameron – I’m a radio producer and host with The Evan Solomon Show, Bell Media’s national radio program that airs coast to coast.

    I am reaching out because we recently heard/read the interview you did with CBC (which originally aired in 2017) and we’re interested in having you on the show!


    Would you be able to join me today? I can be reached at (613) 298 7090.


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