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Talk Radio 1964 and a kid in bed with a six transistor

A couple of things – music and talk radio 1964 and a kid in bed who is supposed to be sleeping. My father had bought me a fantastic 6 transistor radio in the shape of a hockey puck made by Marconi and signed in gold by hockey great Maurice Richard. It had a strap on it so I could wear it around my neck. I was very proud of my radio, carried it everywhere, got sand in it, lost screws to keep the dials on, and shined it with Endust.

My Radioradio inside


CHUM 1050 was The Station for us kids and teens to tune in if you wanted to hear the latest songs, funny jokes or, for a little kid, get educated on what was happening in the world. News every half hour and hit songs that repeated at a certain time everyday. My friends and I would know exactly what song was coming on and be ready to dance to it. We would climb on chairs and pretend we were go-go girls.

In the 1960s and early ’70s, Canada’s leading Top 40 station was home to the ground-breaking and sometimes controversial talk show Speak Your Mind, hosted by the outspoken man with the booming voice, Larry Solway. (CHUM Chart courtesy Ron Hall)



Speak Your Mind debuted on CHUM in 1960 Larry Solway took over the reins permanently in 1964. Speak Your Mind became a two-hour show beginning at 10:00 p.m. in 1964. (CHUM Chart, December 11, 1967/Courtesy Ron Hall)

I would put my radio under my pillow so my parents would not hear it and from bedtime to midnight I would listen. Radio was it for me and I believe educated me in music and the current affairs of the time. I never needed to ask my parents any questions – I got it all from Larry Solway. Amidst the rock, CHUM had talk. http://www.broadcasting-history.ca