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The Sixties – some music

My father was the one that bought the music in our household, jazz by Lou Rawls, and Dave Bruebeck, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Ray Charles, Mississippi Delta Blues, and Motown. We were huge fans of Miriam Makeba and my father would play the Lion’s Song on the guitar and I would sing. We would go to concerts to see Harry Belefonte, Hedge and Donna and Miriam Makeba.

Hedge and Donna
Hedge and Donna
My Album Cover
Miriam Makeba

My father also owned a reel to reel tape recorder that he would spend hours, with his mic and machine beside our radio and record music. One of the songs was Bury My Body by Al Kooper but he only managed to record a portion. I had not heard this song in its entirety until today when I searched online. A huge influence on my music choices for life. The channel owner wrote: “From Kooper Session, Al Kooper belts it out on piano and vocals with 15-yr. old Shuggie Otis on guitar. Shuggie’s the son of the legendary rhythm & blues pioneer, Johnny Otis.” You can find out more about Al at He even accepts email

Al Kooper – Bury My body –