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1960 and 61 Marvin, the beginning and in love

Marvin's First Album Cover in 1961
Marvin’s First Album Cover in 1961

With a few edits, I picked these early details of Marvin on Wikipedia – Gaye, “a long admirer of different forms of music from early rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz and doo-wop, Gaye sought to mix the styles of Nat King Cole, Billy Eckstine, Little Willie John (you can really hear Marvin taking on his style) and Jesse Belvin, first getting involved in groups such as the Marquees. After living in Chicago for two years and following a tour in Detroit, lead singer Harvey Fuqua decided to split up the group and take Gaye with him to help get him work in Detroit that was becoming musical. Fuqua then signed Gaye to Harvey and Tri-Phi Records, his own label and also assigned him to work with his then-girlfriend Gwen Gordy’s Anna label. Listen to this playlist to hear Artists that influenced Marvin Gaye

Harvey Fuqua reassigned Gaye’s contract to Motown’s Tamla label where Gaye worked for the following twenty years. It was during this time that he fell in love with Anna Gordy and married within one year. Reference – wikipedia.org “TheSoulfulMoodsofMarvinGaye”

One of the songs on the album “The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye” is I’ll Never Let You Gowritten by Anna Gordy and Harvey Fuqua.Raw Marvin Gaye, you can hear his youth in this tune. The album was recorded over two weeks and was released on June 8, 1961. Sadly, Jesse Belvin died in 1960, listen to this report here. News Report

Identity 1960

I definitely had some issues as a child dealing with this and played with the salt and pepper shakers as caricatures of my parents (Dad = Salt, Mom = Pepper) and me = Salt and Pepper. I asked my mother repeatedly “is this me?”

By the way, this is not a sad story but one that has given me a great insight into race, identity and the making of a “human being”.

My colouring book
My colouring book

Thinking back, I did not see myself anywhere. Not in school, my colouring books, Saturday morning television or in story books. The only stories that were close to my identity were about animals,like Peter the Squirrel, television shows like Lassie, and Disney on Sundays. The music of Motown helped “us cope with us” some hope, belonging, to aspire to perhaps or just to admire the performers and emulate them in our grooves. Love songs, songs with a good beat and songs we could dance to, songs to get away from our lives, songs that made us love the artists who performed them. It was 1960, and Marvin, struggling with his own identity, signed to Barry Gordy’s Tamla label.